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Selling with us is EASY

  • Open to anyone!  
    • Artisans can list and sell their products for extra exposure
    • Enthusiasts can list previously used products they'd like to sell
  • Easy and Free Signup
  • No Listing Fees
    • List as many products as you want, and pay nothing if your product does not sell
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Fast payment 
    • Payments from us via PayPal within 3 business days of sellers shipping their order
    • Note: PayPal fees apply (price accordingly)
    • Our Fees consist of a commission + payment processing fee:
      • Our Commission: 10% of the purchase price ONLY if your product sells
      • Payment/Credit Card Fee: 2.9% of purchase price + $0.30 ONLY if your product sells
    • Do Good: We donate a portion of our commission to charitable causes


Important Notes

  • Murphy and McNeil offers shipping discounts (up to free shipping) to U.S. addresses. 
    • Ensure your pricing accounts/reflects for potential shipping discounts accordingly.
    • New sellers are opted out of international shipping by default.  Contact us if you wish to ship international.
    • International rates are based on product weight, we cannot be responsible if you enter inaccurate (or no) weights for your products.
    • We recommend as a great way to save money on printing USPS shipping labels from home.
    • If your listings cannot ship internationally, please note this in your store policies and the products themselves.
    • To opt out of free shipping, please email us directly.
  • We offer ongoing discounts of up to 10% at our discretion
    • These are most often coupon codes offered in various promotions.
    • Please price accordingly, any discount over 10% will not include your products.
    • Your payment is based on the "final value" of your product after discount.
  • Want to sell your products or gear directly to us instead? 
  • By signing up with us, you agree to maintain a great experience for our guests!
    • Ship Quickly:  We have great customers!  We ask you take great care of them by shipping your orders and entering tracking information within 48 business hours of sale.  Thank you!
    • Act with Integrity: by taking great photos of your items and providing accurate descriptions, and quickly removing/de-activating listings when product is sold or no longer available.
    • Maintain Community: by being responsive to questions from both customers and Murphy and McNeil admins.
    • We aim to be easy to work with!  But of course Murphy and McNeil admins reserve the right to cancel listings/accounts of sellers if necessary to preserve the positive experience of our store for our customers!
  • Issue Resolution:
    • In the event of customer experience issues such as non-shipment by the seller, shipping without proper tracking, or mis-shipment to the wrong address, Murphy and McNeil reserves the right to refund the customer and deduct the value of the lost item(s) from future seller payouts.  Again, maintaining an excellent and trustworthy experience for our buyers and sellers is of paramount importance.  If sellers would like packages insured against losses that can occur not at the fault of the seller, please contact us and we can walk you through some of the processes/vendors we use.
    • Unresponsive sellers will be suspended from the platform.


We Also Buy!

  • Artisan or Vendor Sellers (Wholesale)
  • Enthusiasts (Den Cleanings)
    • Need to make room for more shaving products?  We'll buy your pre-owned items for re-listing in our marketplace ourselves.
    • Email us for more information or learn more HERE


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