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Selling with us is EASY

  • Open to anyone!  
    • Artisans can list and sell their products for extra exposure
    • Enthusiasts can list previously used products they'd like to sell
  • Easy and Free Signup
  • No Listing Fees
    • List as many products as you want, and pay nothing if your product does not sell
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Fast payment 
    • Payments from us via PayPal within 3 business days of sellers shipping their order
    • Our Fee: 10% of the purchase price ONLY if your product sells
    • Do Good: We donate 30% of our commission above to charitable causes


Important Notes

  • Murphy and McNeil offers free shipping to U.S. addresses.  Ensure your pricing reflects accordingly.
    • International shipping rates vary.  (Some orders can be shipped to our U.S. address and we will handle the international part for you.)
    • We recommend as a great way to save money on printing USPS shipping labels from home.
  • We offer ongoing discounts of up to 10%
    • These are most often coupon codes offered in various promotions.
    • Please price accordingly, any discount over 10% will not include your products.
    • Your payment is based on the "final value" of your product after discount.
  • Want to sell your products or gear directly to us instead? 
  • By signing up with us, you agree to maintain a great experience for our guests!
    • Ship Quickly:  We have great customers!  We ask you take great care of them by shipping your orders and entering tracking information within 48 business hours of sale.  Thank you!
    • Act with Integrity: by taking great photos of your items and providing accurate descriptions, and quickly removing/de-activating listings when product is sold or no longer available.
    • Maintain Community: by being responsive to questions from both customers and Murphy and McNeil admins.
    • We aim to be easy to work with!  But of course Murphy and McNeil admins reserve the right to cancel listings/accounts of sellers if necessary to preserve the positive experience of our store for our customers!


We Also Buy!

  • Artisan or Vendor Sellers (Wholesale)
  • Enthusiasts (Den Cleanings)
    • Need to make room for more shaving products?  We'll buy your pre-owned items for re-listing in our marketplace ourselves.
    • Email us for more information or learn more HERE


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